The Shard Isles

Quinn's Journal - The War Begins

Triumph! Our victories know no limit! My heart still races with the thrill of battle, but I feel compelled to keep this log updated.

We have a new companion – Piers. He’s a halfling, apparently a survivor from the caravan we discovered. He seems fairly useless, except as a guide and cook. I suppose that’s enough – Vindicus and Vareck’s cooking was unremarkable at best.

On our travels to Voicen, we encountered a company of goblins marching down our path. Ku’s arcane fire and Vindicus’s bad breath put a quick end to them. I myself kept an eye on Foostus; the goblins approached in the night and I don’t think my hulking friend was quite awake yet.

The true battle was yet to come. The next day, we found ourselves on the outskirts of a goblin camp. The little monsters were building siege towers! After some discussion, Vareck decided that the best way to deal with the goblins was a head-on assault. Note that the rest of us had agreed to lure them out to the treeline. Vareck fought nobly against the largest of the band, but was struck down.

Ku summoned a great ball of fire for us as Vindicus rushed ahead to support Vareck. Foostus and I followed the original plan and picked off goblins one by one. Those of us that kept our heads eventually prevailed, and I was able to mend Vareck’s wounds. I will report further on this in the future I’m sure, suffice to say that I was the hero of this battle.

Anyway, I must be off; the siege towers have finally collapsed and it’s time to pick up and move on.



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