The Shard Isles

Quinn's Journal - A New Ancient Land

Day 31

Much has happened since my previous entry, dear Journal. An adventurer’s life is ever an exciting one.

We have abandoned the (literally!) accursed dungeon for the moment. We traveled deeper in and discovered an odd artefact – a large sphere suspended on a fountain of some clear, viscous fluid. The sphere was seated in the center of what was perhaps a summoning circle. We were unable to decipher most of the markings on the brazen ring, but it seems it is associated with arcane power and calling or beckoning.

The pattern of the circle had 6 vertices, when each was touched by a living being it drew forth a stronger response from the sphere, from dimming the lights to wreathing it in fire. Perhaps fortunately, our experiments were cut short by the absence of a sixth member to our group and the undead. I suspect the sphere somehow drew them to us.

I have found a greater respect for the generally ridiculous god of the dragonkin and minotaur. Vindicus blasted the zombies with a holy fire than even I must admit was rather impressive.

Fleeing the zombies, we explored the complex a little further before attempting to exit it. We discovered some gold and magical items that I’m sure will be of value now that we’ve located civilization.

Speaking of civilization, we have found it! This would be better news if the kingdom weren’t under siege by hordes of goblins. We met a rider on the way back to camp. His name was Arsène Blondel, hailing from the kingdom of Voisin, led by King Reynaud. He was seeking a group of elves called ‘Baequi Dlues’to aid them against the goblins – apparently they owe the king some ancient debt. I’m afraid this is all unfamiliar territory, I haven’t heard of any of these people or places. As far as I was told, the Shard Isles were empty of human settlement.

On the other hand, dear Journal, that fool Varreck’s whims were beneficial this time. If it weren’t for him, we would have all hidden in the bushes and let the rider pass.

Needless to say, as the brave adventurers most of us are, we volunteered to aid the kingdom. Vindicus and Foostus going on and on about their divine duty may have had an influence as well. Blondel gave us a token of his friendship that will hopefully gain us passage beyond the guards, if we can sneak in.

We picked up the good captain and set out toward the kingdom. Along the way we spotted a Black Dragon! We very carefully fed a fallen runner’s horse to it and fled the scene, only to run into a bandit trap!

The battle was utter chaos. Vindicus and Varrek shot off after the first bandits they saw, leaving Foostus, Ku, and myself to fight off all the rest of them. Between Foostus’s giant weapons, Ku’s arcane powers, and my cutting wit, the bandits fell one after another. Vindicus and Varrek caught the people they were chasing eventually, it seems they acquitted themselves well.

As things stand, we now have the bandits’ loot and horses, and a wagon to carry it in. Things are looking up for this trip after all.



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