The Shard Isles

Quinn's Journal - Setting Off

Day 29.

Land! At last we have found land. Our ship hit a sandbar, but the more giant of our crew simply hopped out and dragged it to shore. I am growing fonder of these gentlemen every day.

We unloaded the ship and Varak, Ku and I set out to explore a bit. Foostus and Vindicus stayed back to make camp, it seems they both interpret the ridiculous teachings of their god to mean that they need to build a little house right on the beach. Hopefully I can talk them out of this later, clearly their hitting things with swords ability will be useful in this potentially-dangerous land.

Those of us who understand adventuring set out and quickly found a mossy path. Somehow this path seems very permanent, even as it is mossy and unused. We followed the path until twilight set in and hurried back. I saw things moving in the darkness and would rather confront them when I can see them.

I know, dear Journal, a bold start indeed.

Day 28

We have been sailing for a few days on this kobold vessel. We suspect we’re near land, as this ship is not made for the deep sea. Food is running short – we’re down to our personal supplies.

Day 25

Attack! Today we were boarded by some nasty lizardmen and their rattish friends – they killed Bart, the first mate, first. Naturally, I saved the day. Clad in my sleeping clothes and armed with nothing more than my stick of a wand, I blasted kobolds from the mast and led the crew to victory. There will be time later for a blow by blow, so just some notes for now. Ku is certainly a wizard, but I am questioning the ‘great and powerful’ aspect. The brutish minotaur and goliath showed their worth today – hitting things with swords. Varak even attempted to leap across to the kobolds’ boat and succeeding in making a fool of himself and getting very wet. I now understand Vindicus’s bad breath – he can spit acid!

While we quickly dispatched the creatures, they did manage to set fire to our sail. We were unable to save the ship. I eventually talked the captain into taking his valuables and moving on to the kobold ship to finish the journey.

I regret Bartholomew’s death. He was a good man.

Day 22

We are lost at sea.

Day 19

Still no land. The captain’s been acting suspiciously, I hope he knows where we’re going.

Day 15

Two weeks in and a deep mist has settled around us. Spirits are high, we must be near our destination. Most of the good food is gone, I’ll be glad to be off this ship. On the other hand, I have secured for myself the enviable position of ‘watching out the bow and shouting if I see anything’.

Day 8

A week has passed and our passage has been uneventful. Ku has been regaling us with stories about his wizardly exploits, they are nearly as good as some of my more elaborate fables. The captain told us to ration food better. I’m not concerned, there’s only a week left. The dragonkin’s breath reeks.

Day 2

Out to sea! Today we lost sight of land and of wretched Aylis. It has been smooth sailing thus far, thanks of course to my musical prowess. The captain says the trip should take about two weeks.

Day 1

Today we set off to parts unknown, or partly known, the Shard Isles. I have secured passage aboard the Latif Jove, a small sailing ship whose captain, a Mr. Devin Lex, seeks the same riches the rest of my new companions are crowing about. As for myself, anything is better than staying in Aylis, even if I could.

We are a motley band of sailors to be sure. The goliath and minotaur – Varak and Foostus, I think – seem impractically large on such a small ship. The captain has mostly set them to carrying heavy things for the moment, which suits me just fine. Ku, a gnomish wizard of ‘great power and import’, is an odd sort. He was constantly glancing over his shoulder when we were still docked, but it seems he’s settled down now. Vindicus, a dragonkin, seems to be a good sort of fellow, if misguided. From the sound of it, he’s planning to build a one man colony out in the isles and make himself mayor!

Anyway, Journal, I’m sure we will have more to discuss later. Currently the first mate is shouting at me to help with the sail.



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